Dear Mountain Pipes person, 

We went to an Indian powwow two days ago and enjoyed the kid activity, soapstone carving. We purchased a kit from your booth and loved it. I did the carving and it was very fun. I used the soapstone in the kit, but now we don't have any more soapstone. We looked on your website, but we couldn't find soapstone without the kit and I want to do more carving. I already have the turtle and the dolphin ones, but I want the rest, especially the Buffalo. We also bought the Animal Energies book and enjoyed it. I have not read all of it yet, but I am looking forward to it. Could you please update your website so people can buy just the soapstone and not have to buy the whole kit? In the meantime, my mom is calling you to get the stuff instead of just doing the Email. She says Email is insecure so she doesn't want to put her credit card number on it. She thinks the phone is safer so she is calling you. I wonder which will get there first, the Email or the phone call? My mom will buy it off the website, but she just doesn't Like Emailing it. Thanks for getting me interested in Indian stuff!