Dear Vince,

The bear-carving was a HUGE success with our church group of fifteen 12- to 15-year olds
(plus six adults) last weekend. They worked with intensity and confidence for two solid hours
and were delighted with their results. The linseed oil was a great suggestion, bringing out the
vivid colors at the very end. Some of the kids took home an extra kit to share with younger
siblings. The kids were enthusiastic about carving another animal at a future retreat.

Thank you so much for your helpfulness and for creating such a satisfying art activity.
I bless the day I happened upon my first Mountain Pipes kit at the California State Indian
Museum gift shop, two years ago. I'm downloading a photo for your interest (I'm the adult
in the blue hooded sweatshirt, on the right).

Many thanks and blessings to you,

Elizabeth Felts
St. Clare's Episcopal Church
Pleasanton CA