Hi Vince,

 I wanted to write to let you know how much we are enjoying your soap stone kit (bear).

 We were recently camping in Calaveras Big Trees and one of my nieces spied your bear kit in the Visitor Center.  She is artistically inclined and was excited about carving like her Uncle Tony.  (Tony is a soap stone sculptor.)  I purchased the kit for her and she eagerly dove right into her sculpting project.  It looked like so much fun, that the following day we returned to the Visitor Center and purchased 4 more bear kits—one for my brother, another niece, my husband and myself.

 Well, this afternoon I got a visit from my two nieces and their uncle.  Their bears are looking great!  They still plan on one more wet sand and then they are going to finish them with Tung Oil.  The colors in the soap stone are beautiful!  One of the bears is primarily browns and the other is primarily grays and blacks.  The niece with the brown bear has decided that hers is a grizzly bear.  The other niece took creative license with her bear and added a tail and made her bear a bit smaller than the original outline.  She’s decided that her bear is most definitely a black bear. 

 It is wonderful to see them so enthusiastic about their project and it is nice to see them doing something with their uncle that brings all of them great joy.

 I’m sure we will be ordering more kits in the future.

Thank you for the great kit.  The instructions are clear, tools work well and the soap stone is beautiful!


 Jeanne Bonner