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July 3, 2007


Vince R Castanon


PO Box 30511

Stockton, CA  95213


Dear Vince:


Just a note to thank you for providing California Tribal TANF Partnership with such a GREAT soapstone carving workshop; all 25 participants had a great time. 


Vince, since this workshop consisted of entire family units with various ages, it still captivated all their attention, all were able to walked away with a finished project at the end of the evening,  that will rekindle the time they spend together as a family unit – priceless!


It was great to hear them talking, laughing and asking questions. . . the photos tell the story, or should I say, the “smile” tells the story.


A couple of the quotes from the kids:


“Can we do this again – soon?”


“I never knew I could do this (carving), I really like it”.


“I hope this is a class we can do every month”.


From the parents:


“Thank you CTTP for providing the class, our family had a really nice time and look forward to doing this again!”


“How many projects can we do tonight – more than one?!”


Needless to say, Vince, we need to reschedule and get you on the calendar monthly here at California Tribal TANF Partnership!


Best Regards,


Joni Drake

Site Manager

San Joaquin Site