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3rd Grade Soapstone carvings
"This is some fine work by the 3rd grade class at Longley Way School in Arcadia , CA,  students are first time carvers."-----Vince

Hi Vince,

Actually, the soapstone is for me. I carved all the soapstone pieces you sent in the bulk package. (And I carve alabaster, too). I use the files I purchased from you for all my carving. Hope this gives you a good idea of what hardness to send.

I began carving recently, after visiting your website. Here's the Bear kit which turned out quite nice.

This piece is from the bulk soapstone I purchased from you. I like this quality of this stone.
And another piece in the bulk pack made this otter.
I really appreciate your help with this Vince.

Thank you!


Penny Palmer


Done by Jenifer, Walt and their daughter Alison.

(Plus the Hedgehog who posed for one of the carvings)


"Big" Vincent, "Lil" Vincent and Dad

"On October 30th, 2009 Dad joined his ancestors and his god. His two daughters Sandy, Linda and his son Vince were with him when he passed over...peacefully....."

Thank you to all my powwow friends who knew I caretaked Dad these past 2 1/2 years and who haven't seen me at many powwows, Dad died at home. I thank you all for the prayers and the concern you have expressed to me. Also thank you to the dancers who kept Dad in their hearts when they danced....... I'll be back on the "powwow highways" next year.


          "THIS WAS A GOOD DAY"

"This photo is of my nephew Johnny Gray and my dad Chet Castanon.  Johnny knew his time was short and wanted to visit his Grampa  who also knew his time was short.  John died August 13th, 2009 and Dad "joined his ancestors" October 30th, 2009.

A special thanks to HOSPICE for making it possible to keep Dad at home 'til the end.  They made a tough situation bareable, their visits were so appreciated."

Aho Vince, I said I would send a few pics of a couple pipes I have either sold or given away. The stone and rifflers I bought from you about 3 or 4 years ago started me on my way. I am forever grateful. I craft a lot of traditional stuff--T-Bowls, 4 winds, etc. but my passion is effigies. Here's a few pics.

Glenn Johnson

If anyone is interesting in knowing more about the wonderful carved pipes pictured below you may contact Mr. Johnson at the following e-mail address.


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